Start with the machine turned off.

Verify that the ink is not out of date. If the bottle is half empty I will install a fresh bottle of ink. We don’t want to do this process with contaminated ink.

  1. Attach the service tray to the front of the printer cabinet.

  2. Insert the printhead into the holder on the service tray. (This grounds the printhead to the cabinet). The printhead should be grounded when performing a refresh.

  3. Turn the nozzle vertical adjusting screw counter clockwise so the ink will spray over the catcher and into the service tray. (Usually 2 full turns).

  4. Turn the printer on by pressing the on button.

  5. Press the head button (This turns the printhead off). The light on the head button will not be blinking when the head is turned off.

  6. Press F5 (3) times, this puts you into the 4th line of edit.

  7. Press F1 (service printer)

  8. Press F5 (2) times. This puts you into the 3rd line of service.

  9. Press F3 (auto prime).

  10. Press shift and F4 (auto refresh). The printer will start spraying ink into the grounded service tray. If the ink is still spraying into the catcher turn the vertical adjusting screw counter clockwise until the ink sprays over the catcher and into the service tray.  An auto refresh will run for 30 minutes. When the auto refresh is done the air will turn off to the printer and the screen will say “AUTO REFRESH COMPLETE”.

  11. Lower the ink stream back down into the catcher by adjusting the vertical adjusting screw clock wise 2 full turns.

  12. Clean and dry the printhead.

  13. Press ENTER

  14. Press the “HEAD” key, this turns the air back onto the printer and you will now have vacuum.

  15. Go to the 2nd line of service by pressing F5.

  16. Press F1 (ink off). It will now say “ink on”.

  17. Align the ink stream in the catcher.

  18. Press F5 (2 times) this puts you in the 4th line of service.

  19. Press F1 (nozzle drive). While looking at the ink drops in the charge tunnel with an eye loupe we want to adjust the nozzle drive so that we have 2 to 3 perfect round drops exiting the charge tunnel. We do this by pressing the up or down arrows on the keyboard. The up and down keys will move the nozzle drive in increments of 1. The right and left arrows move the nozzle drive up or down in increments of 10.

  20. Once the nozzle drive is set press enter. This will put you back on the 4th line of service.

  21. Press F5 (4) times. This will put you back on the 3rdline of service.

  22. Press (shift) and F2 (Ink pressure) at the same time. A screen will appear that says low, set, high. We want to adjust the ink pressure so that “SET” is flashing. I like to leave it blinking on set for about 5 seconds to make sure I have a stable reading.

  23. Press enter. This tells the printer to recalibrate the flow times. It will also put you back on the 3rd line of service.

  24. Press F1 (flow times) A screen appears that has set point ink time, make up add time, make up inhibit, and current ink time.

  25. Press F3 (make up add time)

  26. Enter .80, you only have to enter 80 the printer will add the (.) for you. This is 8 tenths of a second. If it is really hot like in the summer months I will enter 1.00  (1 second) of make up add time.

  27. Press enter. This will put you back on the 3rd line of service.

  28. Press F1 and the flow time screen appears.

  29. Watch above F1 (set pt. ink time). We are waiting for this number to change to a new set point. When it gets a new set point the number above F5 will be exactly 1 second below the set point.

  30. Press enter.

  31. Check the nozzle drive with an eye loupe again and make sure that we still have 2 to 3 perfect round drops before they leave the charge tunnel. If not see step 19 and adjust the nozzle drive again and press enter.

  32. We should now be in the 3rd line of service.

  33. Press F5 (4) times so we are on the second line of service. The screen should say on ink, off high voltage, off test print, fault reset, and 02 service.

  34. Make sure that the ink is still on, the print head is in the service tray holder (grounded), the ink is aligned in the catcher.

  35. Press F2 (high voltage on). Do not touch the high voltage plate.

  36. Press shift and F3 (test print) at the same time. The printer will now be printing into the service tray. Run a piece of paper in front of the print head and check the print quality. The printer will only test print for about 30 seconds. After about 30 seconds the high voltage and test print will turn off. If you need to make any adjustments turn the high voltage off, make the adjustment, turn the high voltage back on and press shift and test print again.

  37. To put the printer back into production. Turn the high voltage off, install the print head cover, install print head back on line, turn the high voltage back on, press and hold the enter key ( this will take you back to the 1st line of edit), press the print key, press the print message key. The printer is back in production.