Printing Solutions


KelCode Solutions, LLC provides packaging production facilities in a variety of industries with new and refurbished printer code products, installation, repair and training services. It is our mission to be recognized by our customers and suppliers as the most responsive, customer-driven, and technically proficient distributor in our industry.


Services Include:

Regular scheduled maintenance programs

Emergency services

After market and OEM parts

Product Lines Include:

Videojet Printers (refurbished)

New Weber Printers

Squid Ink Streamline 5 CIJ Printers



About Our Printers

Weber Printers

Our Weber printers use the most up to date HP technology and offer the most up time and virtually no maintenance. We have many options for mounting on machines such as Multivacs, Rapid Packs, and Robert Reiser machines and printing on plastic films is not a problem. We have the IJET “the work horse”, the XIJET with or without an external display, the wash down IPJET for plants that are washed and sanitized regularly. 

IPJET with ip rated computer control.

Squid Streamline Printers

We also offer the Streamline 5 printer for applications where the Weber printers are not applicable. Unlike the competition we don’t have any modules/cores to change on a timed interval. We only ask that you replace the filters once per year. Our filter kit comes in at around $200, compare that to what you pay for a core. The Streamline 5 is Ethernet capable and 1 tablet can handle multiple.